Write a personal statement that gets you into your first choice of uni simply, easily and without the stress

Your child wants to go to uni but they:

  • Aren't sure how to pick their subject, course or university
  • Have no idea where to start with writing their personal statement
  • Don't know what to put in their personal statement and what to leave out for their chosen courses 
  • Aren't sure whether they've even done enough or read enough to write about
  • Don't want to have to re-draft 20 times to get it really good - they just want it done quickly and easily so they can focus on getting the grades

And you:

  • Want to help, but aren't certain you've got the best advice to give
  • Don't want this hanging over your family for months on end
  • Want to sleep well at night knowing that this part of the application process has been taken care of, confident that your child is going to get offers from the universities they want to go to

If any of this is true join my

UCAS Personal Statement Masterclass


The personal statement masterclass was a triumph! It helped lead to
immediate offers from all the universities my daughter applied to. We are lucky enough to have a friend who works on the admissions team for a university, so once Esme had worked through the masterclass, had edited and re-edited until she had her final statement and then we cheekily asked him if he could read it to see what he thought (I hasten to add, she wasn't applying to the university where he works). He said it was fantastic and that he wouldn't change a thing. Lucy, without you she wouldn't have known where to start, so a belated thank you.



"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the both personal statement workshop and 1:1 session you had with Lauren today. We were expecting personal statement writing to take weeks and be very stressful but again thanks to your advice it turned into a very systematic and natural process. I haven’t seen her statement yet, but I know she is feeling very happy with it and just has some final touches to make before the “big reveal”!"

Parent of a Cambridge applicant


"I started to follow Lucy’s Personal Statement masterclass after deciding to apply to Cambridge University. By having videos and a detailed workbook to make the process far more manageable, writing my personal statement didn’t take as long or feel anywhere near as stressful as expected. The best thing about working with Lucy is knowing that constant support is available through email or the Zoom Q and A’s she offers. I found the 1:1 session incredibly valuable, Lucy helped me finesse my personal statement so I could be sure it would impress in my university application."


Personal Statement masterclass

The UCAS Personal Statement Masterclass is made up of three parts:

  1. 1
    How to choose your subject, courses and university so that you love what you study, thrive at university and come out with a really good degree
  2. 2
    How to prepare to write your personal statement so that you have high quality and impressive experiences to write about that will convince admissions tutors you have the passion and intellectual ability they're looking for
  3. 3
    How to write your UCAS personal statement so that it wows the admissions tutors and doesn't take you 20 drafts and too much time to get it right

Part 1. How to choose your subject, course and university

In this section of the masterclass you will:

    • Work through some nifty coaching techniques that will help you make the right decision about the best subject, courses and universities for you
  • Get detailed guidance on how to research your courses to make sure your options have the right people and teaching and learning methods to enable you to thrive
  • Understand how to 'spread your bets' when choosing your options so you'll have somewhere you're happy to study no matter how year 13 goes

Part 2. How to Prepare to Write Your Personal Statement

In this section of the masterclass you will:

    • Find out how to research the requirements of all your courses so that you can make sure you're giving the admissions tutors what they're looking for and the only thing they can do is accept you onto their courses
  • Create your plan to boost your application with carefully chosen activities that meet the requirements of your chosen universities
  • Gather your experiences of everything you've ever done that could sound impressive in your personal statement so that you've got everything in one place to make the writing process efficient and stress-free 

3. How to Write Your Personal Statement

In this section of the masterclass you will:

    • Plan the optimal structure for your personal statement so that everything you need to include has the correct weighting and optimal flow to impress the admissions tutors
  • Learn writing tricks that will demonstrate your intellectual capability and ensure that your editing and refinement stage is quick and painless
  • Be guided through writing each paragraph step-by-step so that your personal statement is compelling and convincing from the first sentence to the closing paragraph
  • Learn how to edit your personal statement to perfection, including a checklist you can use to make sure it's ready to submit 

BONUS: Monthly Q&A Zoom call

It's common to have questions as you go through the university application process. That's why we run a monthly group Q&A call on Zoom so that you can get expert answers to your questions and you can move forward quickly with your application.

How much is the Personal Statement Masterclass?

Only £99


I got an offer today from Oxford and just wanted to thank you for your help on my personal statement as I am sure that played a big part in my acceptance there and all the other universities which offered me places.

Year 13 Student


I bought Lucy's personal statement package for my son after he produced about 4 lines in as many weeks. With Lucy's help he produced a full statement which his tutor said was “excellent- one of the best he’d seen”!



This masterclass has allowed me to show passion through relating different things I've done such as topic areas or courses/visits which I didn't think of myself. I had offers from all my unis.

Year 13 student

Who's behind the UCAS Personal Statement Masterclass?

My name is Lucy Parsons. Over the last five years I have helped dozens of students get into their first choice of university by supporting them to craft impressive personal statements. Students have received interviews and places at universities across the country, from courses as diverse as design at Bournemouth to English and Physics at Oxford and HSPS at Cambridge. My expertise has been featured in The Telegraph, Independent, Independent Schools Magazine, World Student Magazine and on Radio 5 Live.


The Personal Statement Masterclass is brilliant! My son is ploughing through it now, having been told to come up with a draft personal statement by mid June with no input from school!! He likes the interaction with the  videos and then completing the sections. It really focuses your mind and breaks it down into manageable stages. The outline of what to include in each paragraph and how to vary the openers is ideal too.

Parent of year 12


Lucy provides excellent insights, ideas and inspiration alongside great encouragement and support for students and parents alike. Her warm and empathetic approach, combined with her great experience and knowledge make for a winning combination. She helped my very dyslexic year 12 son to write a personal statement that got him offers at all the universities he applied to to study design.

Parent of year 12


All of the resources inside the Personal Statement Masterclass are invaluable, I would recommend their use as they provided an excellent structure. Following the masterclass ensured that the process of writing my personal statement was efficient and ultimately successful. The advice transformed my personal statement into one that allowed me to get an offer from Cambridge!

Successful Cambridge Applicant

When you sign-up for this UCAS Personal Statement Masterclass you will:

  • Have clear guidance on how to choose the right subject, courses and universities for you so you don't spend weeks or months agonising over this choice
  • Everything you need to write an excellent personal statement from working out what to put in it, and how to write about it and how to edit it

Have questions about the masterclass? The answer might be here...

How does the masterclass work?

The masterclass is split into four sections:

1. Introduction where I explain what a personal statement is and how the course works

2. Choose - where I guide you through how to choose the right subject, courses and universities for you

3. Prepare - where I guide you through how to make sure you've got all the right experiences to write about in your personal statement

4. Write - where I hold your hand through the writing and editing process.

Each section is split into several videos which you will work through and then fill in the appropriate section of the workbook you can download once you've signed up.

It's a step-by-step framework that I've developed over five years of experience that holds your hand through every stage of writing a personal statement.

I already know which courses I'm applying to. Is this masterclass right for me?

Some people have known for years which university or course they're aiming for. But, there will still be decisions to make about your other four choices. You need to be strategic about all five choices so it's worth sense-checking your options against the advice I give in the Choose section of the course.

What if I want more 1:1 input on my personal statement?

I have found over several years of helping people to write incredible personal statements that it's best to take part in these group sessions first, and use my guide to writing personal statements to complete an excellent first draft. All the clients that I'm working with 1:1 are require to attend this workshop and use my guide, because I've found through years of experience that if they don't the whole writing process takes longer and is much more painful than if they do.

If you then feel you'd like my 1:1 feedback and input, you can book a one hour Zoom call with me or an expert member of my team where we will refine and perfect your personal statement together. If you'd like more input into preparing for an application to a course like medicine or high-calibre universities then we can arrange this too - but do this workshop first and then see what you need. Doing it this way is by far the most time efficient, and cost efficient, way to get your personal statement just right. 

What do I need to do the masterclass?

You will need a printer to print out the workbook. You will also need either highlighters or coloured pencils. Other than that, just a computer or laptop to view the videos and a pen.

Got more questions? Email hello@lifemoreextraordinary.com and we'll be happy to help you.